Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ashley Becker = aaaaamazing.

Please allow me to introduce this increibly talented and giving woman. Ashley is a graduate of Point Park University in Pittsburg, PA with a BFA in Dance Performance. She is a dancer, teacher and choreographer here in NYC. Ashley was also the choreographer and a featured performer at Light for Haiti.

Ashley and I met through the twisted connection of many different friends from college, Point Park and Ball State, and have connected in NY for a great new friendship! So why write a blog about some chick named Ashley? Well. We just spent many sweaty hours together at David Barton Gym in the studio as she choreographed my new dance for Miss New York!!! I. Am. So. Excited. Our styles seamlessly fit together perfectly and ideas overlapped perfectly to create a beautiful and meaningful dance. We'll save the song to be revealed a bit later :) Ashley was an incredible teacher, working so well with my strengths and making me contemporary and relateable to a dance and non-dance audience as is the case with many pageants.

If you ever need a choreographer, dancer, teacher or judge, look no further. I've got your girl and I'm happy to share!! Just contact me!

Maybe we'll put up a video clip.....stay tuned :)

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