Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Personal Platform

This is why the Miss America Organization has a focus on personal platforms:

Today in my management class a student was giving a presentation on Sears and included in her presentation was that Sears was deemed one of the best places to work for LGBT Equality. My professor has never heard of LGBT neither had anyone else in my class of 20 except for me and another student, who happened to be gay. I never realized how prevalent your platform is until today. For 18, 20 somethings in a liberal college in Staten Island not to know what LGBT Equality is, is well, damn right scary. You have a big purpose."

The personal platform is about finding a need and providing a solution. It's about pushing the envelope to conquer something 'an ordinary person' may not be able to. Use the job and the voice of the platform of the Miss America Organization to engage people in thought and dialogue that results in education, awareness and compassion.

"You are so inspiring, Claire. Seriously. You make me want to get out there and work. Thank you for giving me a dose of encouragement to make a difference!"

The personal platform is both an opportunity and a challenge to affect change in the world around you, whether that means in your school, your community, your state, your nation or internationally. "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi

"Claire, just face it, you are someone that cares and it shows to each and everyone of us! Your Mom's reference is your badge of honor in my eyes! In reference to my mom saying 'You're the Go-To Gal for Everything Gay' "

The personal platform is about caring. It's about bringing awareness to humanity. For me, it's about spreading a message about love, respect, dignity and equality.

The personal platform is why I am in the Miss America Organization.

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