Monday, April 26, 2010

Banners of Hope

7:30 am: Wake up and work/email/get ready/pack lunch/make breakfast
9:00 am: Off to Apple for a full day of work til 6:30
6:30 pm: Head down to Banners of Hope
9:30 pm: To the gym for a workout
11:00pm: Home and edit a photoshoot
1:00 am: Sleep because tomorrow = do it all again.

That's what my schedule is like balancing Apple, my own business, working out, being an active titleholder!

So Tuesday's event was Banners of Hope with A Thousand Moms. I was able to learn more about what A Thousand Moms does and was educated about the foster care system in NY and the correlation between foster care and LGBT kids. (More explanation on A Thousand Mom's at my blog post below.) In conjunction with Lawyers for Children, Banners of Hope is a project in which they engage gay youth in foster/adoptive care to create banners and personalize them with messages of hope for the PRIDE parades in NY. I was only able to catch the tail end of the meeting, but I was very thankful to with founder Fred Elia and his partner Dave Balog over tea and discuss the immediate need for attention and expansion of A Thousand Moms and foster care in NY in general. Don't forget to vote for the Pepsi Challenge and help A Thousand Moms get the funding they need to improve this system and therefore children's lives.

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