Monday, May 17, 2010

Exciting weekend!

I've been absent from blog world for a few days because I've been doing a handful of things: moving apartments and walking down the aisle. <--- haha obviously not as the bride. I moved (only up two floors) into a great new apartment with my same roommates, Matt and Carlie, and added a boyfriend <-- also funny, clearly not mine, and our crazy little friend Leigh-Taylor. We are pretty excited for the ridiculous fun we will all have together!!


The wedding! Thursday night I flew to Knoxville, TN to be greeted at the airport at a wonderful time of 2:30 am by the bride's twin sister, Brittany Waddell. Brooke Waddell is married. For those of you who have followed my blog from Miss Jubilee, you may recognize that name or by the end of this story put two and two together that Brooke was the crazy Miss Tennessee Sweetheart when I competed at National Sweetheart. (blog here...scroll down til you see Dolly Parton.) We became fast friends - it's weird, we've spent a total of about 16 days in each other's company, but we just get each other in a way that's inexplainable unless you've been in a pageant and formed those bonds. Last year I went to Miss TN to cheer her on the week before Miss NY. She did not walk away with the title, and as sad as we all were, I realized that everything had been put into perspective. That weekend, I met Mark Pancratz, the man whose name Brooke took this weekend. THAT's why I went to TN last year - to meet Mark who would take care of my friend for the rest of her life. THAT's why Brooke didn't win Miss TN - to marry Mark who she could start her life and family with. When I witnessed the happiness and perfect bond of two people on their wedding day, it really grounded me and reminded me that this pageant, although incredibly significant in my life right now, something I'm working very hard for, will become a tiny part of my life in the broad scheme of things. Congratulations, Brooke and Mark Pancratz and the entire Pancratz and Waddell families!!

Also more great news! My best friend Ashley - who again, I met in a pageant - got engaged this week as well! Ah, so exciting!! Congratulations Ashley and Mike!!!

Summary: Megan Meadors was right when she stood up at the finals day brunch my first year in a state pageant. She said, "You meet your best friends in this organization. Your bridesmaids, friends and the people who will be a part of your life forever." I didn't get it then, but it sure has happened to me. I'm well on my way towards fulfilling Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses :)

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