Friday, May 28, 2010


Normal day and I'm off to do two things in the morning here, so I thought I'd share as a way to recognize my sponsors!

1st stop: Build a base tan while doing skin rejuvenation at the same time at Beach Bum Tanning. Beach Bum has been my sponsor for the past 2 years and I'm really fortunate to have their support!

2nd stop: The gym. David Barton Gym in Chelsea has been my home since I moved into my new apartment last year after Miss NY. 25 minutes on the train is totally worth it to work out there with my trainer Ben Yosef, President of MiBoLife The Fitness Company. MiBoLife has developed a specific combination of exercise, weight training, diet and nutrition for me to maximize what my facility/body has to offer. I lift a lot more weights than I used to, building much more muscle definition and "flavor" than before and of course keep the cardio coming in a variety of exercises.

and stop 2.2 is the dance studio (at David Barton Gym) where I'll rehearse my talent, choreographed by Ashley Becker (remember the Ashley Becker is ammmaaazzzing! post?). And my mom gets to watch this time! She is landing in NYC in about 40 minutes and I'm really excited!

This is the ultimate swimsuit combination team! Thank you MiBoLife (Ben) and Beach Bum (Dante)!

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