Sunday, July 4, 2010

Miss NY - Saturday

Well I left off on Saturday and have been in a whirlwind ever since!!!
I am MISS NEW YORK 2010!!!
Buy let's rewind a bit and see how I got there.

Saturday was a great day, but a busy one for sure. In the morning we went to the Colonie Center Mall or a fashion show and meet and greet. The show was sponsored by Red Carpet Pageant and Prom and hosted by our favorite, Chris, Mr. Delaware 2008. We were in gowns and cocktail dresses and I loved my gown!! All the girls looked beautiful and it was wonderful to spend a few minutes (& photos of course) with our families. After the show we had a quick and delicious lunch at Cheesecake Factory, which left me with my only disappointment of the week--no cheesecake! We had to leave before dessert. Hmm maybe that was planned.

We threw on our sashes, grabbed our glow sticks and ran into the audience of Miss New York's Outstanding Teen. These girls (age 13-17) were fantastic and full of energy. Jackie and I were sitting together recruiting for Miss Manhattan 2013 for when we direct our local :). Some highlight performances for me were Alison Stromjng once again presenting a flawless pointe dance, Ashley McDuffee singing and original song and ---- jam skating! Yes, that's right, roller skating on stage-it was so unique.

They all did an amazing job and in the end the results were:

4th RU Shelley Jain, Staten Island
3rd RU Ashley McDuffee, Mohawk valley
2nd RU Shannon Ryan, Empire Rose
1st RU Joelle Bracco, Brooklyn

Miss New York's Outstanding Teen 2010
Alison Stroming!!!!

Congratulations to Kara Jae Kowalski on such a great year as MNYOT and noticeable growth as a performer and a young woman.

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