Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miss NY - Tuesday

6:25 alarm for a 6:30 trip to the gym. Breakfast and it was off to Habitat for Humanity! I love that we are doing more appearances this year -- makes the week so much more fun, memorable, and allows us to really get to know each other better. I've worked on Habitat houses before, mainly when I was little, but man, it's just such a great org. We jumped right in and used those power tools - sawing and drilling to complete the stairway for the house. I did feel quite honored to receive the compliment from the head Habitat guy that I really knew what I was doing with a drill -- yay mom, hope I make you proud! Time Warner YNN did a short story on our day as well - VIEW HERE. Wrapped up at Habitat and headed back for lunch and to freshen up for the Capitol.

Yes, everyone beeped through security. So many crowns. Last year we had a tour of the capitol building, but this year it was even cooler. After many photo ops with a few Senators on the grand staircase, we were introduced on the floor of the Assembly by Danny O'Donnell. <-- awesome. We met so many of our Assemblymen (Bob Barra, Dean Murray and David McDonough from Lon Island) and I think definitely developed some fans :) I also personally met Diane Savino, to whom I had listened at the NY Bar Association "What's Next? Marriage Equality in the state of New York" Really neat experience.

Then to Girls Inc where we hung out with the Miss New York class of 2025! These girls were very cool, especially Jordyn, Miss Southeast NY, who held up "rock on" fingers and said "yeahhhh, we look gooood" during our photo together. I don't know who enjoyed it more - the 6-12 year old girls, or their mentor, Gail!

Food > Rehearsal. We finished our entire opening number tonight! It's hot. It's Kent. 'nuf said. Well, and that Hannah Wright is some sort of weird and freaky, but as cool as they come. And Mallory can DANCE. SLEEP TIME!

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