Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miss NY - Wednesday

Wednesday is kind of a boring day write about/read about...LOTS of rehearsals! We basically started off the day with early rehearsals in tennis shoes and worked our way up to heels by the end of the night. We took a break in the middle to go bowling and have lunch while shooting another part of the Spotlight Show from Art's (our PR guy) television show. Bowling...ehhh I only got an 88. yikes. But I did get 1 strike!!

Opening number? done.
• "Girl's Got Rhythm"
Swimsuit and Evening gown production numbers AND walking patterns? done.
• "Body Language" (swim production)
• "Don't Be Jealous of My Boogie" (swim)
• "Empire State of Mind (gown)
On-Stage Question and Special Awards? done!

The stage looks beautiful and we have a serious runway! Love it!! This whole part may not be the main reason I do pageants, but I suuure do love walking on stage! We got out of rehearsal early so I'm off to get ready for interview!!!

CONGRATS to Ashley Casterline!! Miss Indiana Swimsuit winner!!

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