Wednesday, June 9, 2010

But you're a REAL girl!

Why yes, yes I am. Haha this was the response from more than one of the fabulous drag queens I met on Saturday night at Miss Gay New Jersey, a pageant and tradition of New Jersey PRIDE week in Asbury Park. This incredible tradition celebrates years of Miss Gay New Jersey queens, Miss Gay NJ at large and Mr. Gay NJ titleholders, all whom have competed for the prestigious title and as a result become ambassadors of the Beacon Light Fund. The Beacon Light Fund is a non-profit that provides financial (and therefore emotional) aid for people with HIV/AIDS to sustain their daily tasks.

I've seen my fair share of drag queens before, but this was my first drag pageant. And it was an experience never to be forgotten!! These girls WORKED IT OUT!! And I thought I worked hard to get ready for Miss New York!? It was such a fun evening of just pure celebration. The drag community is an incredibly tight-knit one, and I felt so welcomed by them all. The crown envy was hysterical as always...they LOVE my crown but I say, “Whyyy? It is about 1/16 the size of yours!” And the response every time is, "But yours is real. It's from the Miss America Organization/Pageant and that means sooo much more."

Due to a late start, I had to leave before the crowning - the moment I was looking forward to alllll night :( but congratulations to the winners!! I'm just sad I didn't get my photo with you!

So ask me again if I think Miss American should embrace my platform. Yes I do, because my platform representing this community of LGBT people, men especially, are your followers and devoted fans that keep the prestige alive. Where would you be without them?

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