Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miss NY - Before I left

Sorry for the delay...our internet now works! yipeeeee!!!

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I had the best weekend ever before leaving for Miss NY, and it's all thanks to my amazing roommates.. Friday, I did all of my last minute errands, rehearsed my talent and walked my wardrobe, finished my closing for interview, and came home for a nap. Friday night brought the second of many awesome roommie family dinners, boyfriends included. I really do live with the best people ever. It was so great to just relax and have fun in the midst of all of my crazy preparation. Saturday was a bit of the same! Great massage from Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon…yessss. And then the roomies struck again! Leigh-Taylor and Colin Hunter threw a small soiree, if you will, with some close friends, wine and cheese, (cheese and wine are not my only close friends; a few people were there too) and I was able to again show my wardrobe, making me fall in love with it yet again. We raised a glass for them to toast to my luck at Miss NY, but I to them in gratitude for all of their support, individually and collectively. And wrapping up with Sunday, great last workout with Ben, an aaammmmazing airbrush tan from Dante, and back home where Paul fixed a wonderful and healthy stir fry to send me off. Leigh-Taylor, Matt, Carlie, Paul and Matt: Quite simply, thank you for being the best people to come home to every single night.

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