Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. New York!!

It happened....and it was AMMAAZZINGG!!! Wow! These guys who competed for Mr. New York were the real deal! I don't know what I loved more, Matt's swimsuit, Jeoffrey's talent, so many of the men answering that "family is the most important thing" or "being a great father is my greatest goal" -- it was all just fantastic and I think everyone, contestants and audience alike had a wonderful time! We over-sold the Spoon Theatre with great thanks to Mr. and Miss Staten Island and all of the support they brought in. So many of the Miss New York contestants were represented, not only by title but also in attendance and we really appreciate that. I think Mr. New York has set itself as an annual tradition to be enjoyed by MANY more people next year!

Congratulations to Mr. New York 2010 Jeoffrey Watson!! (Mr. Staten Island)
1st RU Mr. Metropolitan, Marlon More
2nd RU Mr. Southeast NY, Matt Renskers
Welcome to the awesome 2nd RU club, Matt!!

HERE ARE THE PICS!! View HERE - files are downloadable.

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