Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miss NY - Monday

We made it!! Cassie, her mom Shelley and I left the City at 8:00 this morning to head up to Albany. We’re staying in campus apartments, which are fantastic and the Empire Commons community center is the place for our meals, meetings, rehearsals and the gym. We took the tour of Albany in style on the Aquaducks, familiarizing us with all of those Albany fun facts. It’s so great to have more appearances this year because it allows you to actually hang out with the girls. We went on tour #2 of Albany, but this time on the open-air trolley in our cocktail dresses, crowns and sashes on the way to 677 Prime – the most amazing restaurant ever. I was really looking forward to that return trip – and boy was it worth it! We wrapped up the night with a meeting in which Kenny and Paul shared the highlights of the job description of Miss NY. So much of what I have planned/hoped to get across in my interview was covered tonight which made me confident that I am here for the right reasons and am ready to be Miss New York 2010.

In our meeting, Kenny and Paul took a few polls I think you might find interesting:

How many girls were born in NY State? 10 (of 20)
How many girls have competed in other states? 4
How many girls are aging out? 7
We went around and shared how many years we have competed and it ranged from newbie to 6 years, but 1st year to state, and up to 4 years in a state competition.

It’s an awesome group of girls and it’s anyone’s ball game. I know we all came to play!
To sleep on Tylenol PM and Cepacol! Yummmmm

Miss New York spot on the CBS News!!

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