Friday, June 25, 2010

Miss NY - Friday

It's Friday which means it's showtime! Today we went to the Children's Miracle Network Hospital in Albany and were given a tour of their pediatric units. I wasn't able to go in the nicu or visit with the 17 year old boy we met because I'm sick, but even hearing the stories second-hand, they're very powerful. It is really important for us to see where the CMN money we are raising goes. We even made some nurses' days by letting them wear the crowns for pics :)

Dress rehearsal went so well, we don't even have to do another run through! Which means we got to have a 2 hour break before showtime. I'm trying to chill out and not think about the competition tonight but that's a tough thing to do! Updates later on the Preliminary Results!!

Prelim Swimsuit
• Claire Buffie, Southeast NY
• Faren Collins, Southern NYPrelim Evening Gown

Prelim Evening Gown
• Claire Buffie, Southeast NY
• Mallory Hagan, Brooklyn

Prelim Talent
• Hannah Wright, Metropolitan (Pointe Variation)
• Jennifer Scacco, Staten Island (Jazz Dance)

And a Happy Birthday to Hannah and Inga!!!

Tonight was unbelievable! As I put on my Facebook status, my head is in the clouds, but I'm keeping my feet on the ground. This entire week has been incredible and a memory that will be soooo very positive in my mind and heart forever. That's really all I can ask for.

Miss NY - Thursday

Thursday was basically just rehearsals all day - OH YEAH and that thing called Interview!! Interviews were great - mine wasn't until 10:05 so, I had plenty of time to get my head in the game in the morning. The panel was responsive and prepared. I felt like they really got to know my personality and most importantly, my passion for my platform and for this organization. And I didn't cough throughout the entire thing!! So at the end I said "And I'm takin' my water with me." as I grabbed my water bottle that I thankfully didn't have to use :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Miss NY - Wednesday

Wednesday is kind of a boring day write about/read about...LOTS of rehearsals! We basically started off the day with early rehearsals in tennis shoes and worked our way up to heels by the end of the night. We took a break in the middle to go bowling and have lunch while shooting another part of the Spotlight Show from Art's (our PR guy) television show. Bowling...ehhh I only got an 88. yikes. But I did get 1 strike!!

Opening number? done.
• "Girl's Got Rhythm"
Swimsuit and Evening gown production numbers AND walking patterns? done.
• "Body Language" (swim production)
• "Don't Be Jealous of My Boogie" (swim)
• "Empire State of Mind (gown)
On-Stage Question and Special Awards? done!

The stage looks beautiful and we have a serious runway! Love it!! This whole part may not be the main reason I do pageants, but I suuure do love walking on stage! We got out of rehearsal early so I'm off to get ready for interview!!!

CONGRATS to Ashley Casterline!! Miss Indiana Swimsuit winner!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Miss NY - Tuesday

6:25 alarm for a 6:30 trip to the gym. Breakfast and it was off to Habitat for Humanity! I love that we are doing more appearances this year -- makes the week so much more fun, memorable, and allows us to really get to know each other better. I've worked on Habitat houses before, mainly when I was little, but man, it's just such a great org. We jumped right in and used those power tools - sawing and drilling to complete the stairway for the house. I did feel quite honored to receive the compliment from the head Habitat guy that I really knew what I was doing with a drill -- yay mom, hope I make you proud! Time Warner YNN did a short story on our day as well - VIEW HERE. Wrapped up at Habitat and headed back for lunch and to freshen up for the Capitol.

Yes, everyone beeped through security. So many crowns. Last year we had a tour of the capitol building, but this year it was even cooler. After many photo ops with a few Senators on the grand staircase, we were introduced on the floor of the Assembly by Danny O'Donnell. <-- awesome. We met so many of our Assemblymen (Bob Barra, Dean Murray and David McDonough from Lon Island) and I think definitely developed some fans :) I also personally met Diane Savino, to whom I had listened at the NY Bar Association "What's Next? Marriage Equality in the state of New York" Really neat experience.

Then to Girls Inc where we hung out with the Miss New York class of 2025! These girls were very cool, especially Jordyn, Miss Southeast NY, who held up "rock on" fingers and said "yeahhhh, we look gooood" during our photo together. I don't know who enjoyed it more - the 6-12 year old girls, or their mentor, Gail!

Food > Rehearsal. We finished our entire opening number tonight! It's hot. It's Kent. 'nuf said. Well, and that Hannah Wright is some sort of weird and freaky, but as cool as they come. And Mallory can DANCE. SLEEP TIME!

Miss NY - Monday

We made it!! Cassie, her mom Shelley and I left the City at 8:00 this morning to head up to Albany. We’re staying in campus apartments, which are fantastic and the Empire Commons community center is the place for our meals, meetings, rehearsals and the gym. We took the tour of Albany in style on the Aquaducks, familiarizing us with all of those Albany fun facts. It’s so great to have more appearances this year because it allows you to actually hang out with the girls. We went on tour #2 of Albany, but this time on the open-air trolley in our cocktail dresses, crowns and sashes on the way to 677 Prime – the most amazing restaurant ever. I was really looking forward to that return trip – and boy was it worth it! We wrapped up the night with a meeting in which Kenny and Paul shared the highlights of the job description of Miss NY. So much of what I have planned/hoped to get across in my interview was covered tonight which made me confident that I am here for the right reasons and am ready to be Miss New York 2010.

In our meeting, Kenny and Paul took a few polls I think you might find interesting:

How many girls were born in NY State? 10 (of 20)
How many girls have competed in other states? 4
How many girls are aging out? 7
We went around and shared how many years we have competed and it ranged from newbie to 6 years, but 1st year to state, and up to 4 years in a state competition.

It’s an awesome group of girls and it’s anyone’s ball game. I know we all came to play!
To sleep on Tylenol PM and Cepacol! Yummmmm

Miss New York spot on the CBS News!!

Miss NY - Before I left

Sorry for the delay...our internet now works! yipeeeee!!!

Saturday/Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday

I had the best weekend ever before leaving for Miss NY, and it's all thanks to my amazing roommates.. Friday, I did all of my last minute errands, rehearsed my talent and walked my wardrobe, finished my closing for interview, and came home for a nap. Friday night brought the second of many awesome roommie family dinners, boyfriends included. I really do live with the best people ever. It was so great to just relax and have fun in the midst of all of my crazy preparation. Saturday was a bit of the same! Great massage from Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon…yessss. And then the roomies struck again! Leigh-Taylor and Colin Hunter threw a small soiree, if you will, with some close friends, wine and cheese, (cheese and wine are not my only close friends; a few people were there too) and I was able to again show my wardrobe, making me fall in love with it yet again. We raised a glass for them to toast to my luck at Miss NY, but I to them in gratitude for all of their support, individually and collectively. And wrapping up with Sunday, great last workout with Ben, an aaammmmazing airbrush tan from Dante, and back home where Paul fixed a wonderful and healthy stir fry to send me off. Leigh-Taylor, Matt, Carlie, Paul and Matt: Quite simply, thank you for being the best people to come home to every single night.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Favorite Contestant Voting!!

This year, we will be doing our favorite contestant voting online and at the pageant.

From now until 12 noon, Saturday, June 26th, 2010, YOUR VOTE COUNTS!

You can make the difference in awarding a Favorite Contestant scholarship award to a Miss NY Contestant and a cash scholarship to a Miss NY Outstanding Teen Contestant.

Each vote will be $1.00 via Google Checkout’s secure servers. You can vote as many times as you like, and you can vote for more than one contestant.

The Miss contestant and Teen contestant who receives the most internet votes by 12 noon, Saturday, June 26th, 2010, combined with voting held at the pageant during preliminary competition (through intermission on Friday Night), will win the 2010 Scholarship Award for Favorite Contestant for both the Miss and Teen Pageant.

Just go to our website:, and click on the link to VOTE.

Voting starts RIGHT NOW!!!!

Pageant Week Address & Schedule

Some people have asked for an address during pageant week, so I thought I'd share it on here!

Claire Buffie, Southeast NY

c/o University Apartments

Empire Commons Community Building

1400 Washington Ave.

University at Albany

Albany, NY 12222

I'll have a computer with me and I'll try to blog some while I'm there. Here's a look at what we'll be doing all week:


11:00 Arrival

2:00 Ducks Tour of Albany

5:30 Dinner at 677 Prime - aammmaazing 4-star restaurant


8:00 Habitat for Humanity

2:00 Press Pictures at the Capitol

4:00 Girls Inc

7:00 Rehearsals


Rehearsals ALL DAY


8:00 Interviews (mine will be around 10:30 probably <-- appropriate time to send good vibes!)

2:00 Rehearsal til the end of day


9:30 Children's Miracle Network Hospital

3:00 Dress Rehearsal



11:00 Fashion Show at Colonie Center Mall (public event - come!)

2:00 Miss New York's Outstanding Teen Competition

5:00 Final show review


11:00 Miss NY Ball


Ashleigh Udalovas is your new Miss New Jersey 2010!!!!!

Ahhh! So excited to hear the news last night that my friend Ashleigh WON Miss New Jersey after 3 years in a row of 2nd and 1st Runner Up. She won swimsuit, evening gown and interview as well! Ashleigh embodies "Miss America" as she is integrates her platform into every day of her life. She is the Chairperson of First Book, her program that collects and distributes books to kids in schools, daycares, etc around NJ putting an emphasis on literacy and not just reading, but reading the right things.

Ashleigh and I met at National Sweetheart and were carmates with DE and DC. DC, Jen Corey, went on to win Miss DC last year and was Top 10 at Miss America. (Good luck to Jen as she gives up her title today!) CONGRATULATIONS!!!! To one of the most deserving people I have met in this organization!!! Love you Ash!

With Heather French Henry at Miss America 2010

Also another congrats to Becky Minger, your new Miss Ohio 2010! Also a Sweetheart '08 sister!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr. New York!!

It happened....and it was AMMAAZZINGG!!! Wow! These guys who competed for Mr. New York were the real deal! I don't know what I loved more, Matt's swimsuit, Jeoffrey's talent, so many of the men answering that "family is the most important thing" or "being a great father is my greatest goal" -- it was all just fantastic and I think everyone, contestants and audience alike had a wonderful time! We over-sold the Spoon Theatre with great thanks to Mr. and Miss Staten Island and all of the support they brought in. So many of the Miss New York contestants were represented, not only by title but also in attendance and we really appreciate that. I think Mr. New York has set itself as an annual tradition to be enjoyed by MANY more people next year!

Congratulations to Mr. New York 2010 Jeoffrey Watson!! (Mr. Staten Island)
1st RU Mr. Metropolitan, Marlon More
2nd RU Mr. Southeast NY, Matt Renskers
Welcome to the awesome 2nd RU club, Matt!!

HERE ARE THE PICS!! View HERE - files are downloadable.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mr. New York!!!

It's here!!! The first Mr. New York competition is upon us! Come support the NYC Pageants Organization including Miss Greater NYC, Keelie Sheridan, and Miss Liberty, Cassie Franklin, and myself in our quest to find the first Mr. New York from 13 of NY's finest contestants!

Sunday, June 13, 2010 @ 8:00pm
The Spoon Theater - 38 West 38th Street, NYC
$18.00 General Admission
Arrive by 7:30 at the latest if you want a ticket!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

But you're a REAL girl!

Why yes, yes I am. Haha this was the response from more than one of the fabulous drag queens I met on Saturday night at Miss Gay New Jersey, a pageant and tradition of New Jersey PRIDE week in Asbury Park. This incredible tradition celebrates years of Miss Gay New Jersey queens, Miss Gay NJ at large and Mr. Gay NJ titleholders, all whom have competed for the prestigious title and as a result become ambassadors of the Beacon Light Fund. The Beacon Light Fund is a non-profit that provides financial (and therefore emotional) aid for people with HIV/AIDS to sustain their daily tasks.

I've seen my fair share of drag queens before, but this was my first drag pageant. And it was an experience never to be forgotten!! These girls WORKED IT OUT!! And I thought I worked hard to get ready for Miss New York!? It was such a fun evening of just pure celebration. The drag community is an incredibly tight-knit one, and I felt so welcomed by them all. The crown envy was hysterical as always...they LOVE my crown but I say, “Whyyy? It is about 1/16 the size of yours!” And the response every time is, "But yours is real. It's from the Miss America Organization/Pageant and that means sooo much more."

Due to a late start, I had to leave before the crowning - the moment I was looking forward to alllll night :( but congratulations to the winners!! I'm just sad I didn't get my photo with you!

So ask me again if I think Miss American should embrace my platform. Yes I do, because my platform representing this community of LGBT people, men especially, are your followers and devoted fans that keep the prestige alive. Where would you be without them?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This has nothing to do with pageantry or my platform.

But it's worth watching.

The Lost Generation

... or does it have something to do with pageantry?
"I can change the world and I refuse to believe that I am part of a lost generation."

Monday, June 7, 2010

Miss SENY in the Utica Daily News!


As the voting continues for A Thousand Moms in the Pepsi Challenge, we gain more momentum and media acknowledgment!

A Thousand Moms Holds Listening Party with Miss America Contender to Mark Pepsi Refresh Project Selection

Every day in June, supporters can vote for A Thousand Moms’ nomination at
To celebrate the selection, Claire Buffie, contestant in the Miss America 2010 selection, and A Thousand Moms will conduct a nationwide listening party on June 12.

To call In, please dial 219-509-8222, code 456040.


And don't forget to VOTE!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Topic of Conversation: The new commercial.

I don't think I really need to comment on this one. Just watch.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Scott Alan and Cheyenne Jackson's "Blessing"

Last year I did a multi-media post featuring different songs, videos, speeches, etc (View Here) that really influenced me. One of them was Scott Alan's song "Nothing More," just one of his many amazing songs. Well he's at it again - powerful song, incredible vocals and your download benefits two important projects.

Broadway star Cheyenne Jackson, currently starring on NBC's hit comedy "30 Rock," sings composer Scott Alan's song "Blessing," a brave plea for a family's acceptance. ALL PROCEEDS from the single will go to The Trevor Project and the Hetrick-Martin institute.


Blessing | Lyrics
I'm taken aback by allegations
I misdirected my life
I've changed, I'm a different man
How I love ain't right
But I only wish, you'd understand
How I love is exactly, what God has planned
Just try to remember...

That I'm still your baby, your blood, have your eyes, have your smile,
I'm sorry this hurts you, I'm sorry this numbs you
But I'm not ashamed of this fire I've inflamed
I was given this gift to love from heaven's hands
Don't abandon me now for loving another man
All I ask is in time, you'll give me your blessing

I know deep down you love me, I could use that love right now
I know time heals the hurting, I just hope you come around
Cause I'm finally proud to state who I am
Your close-minded thoughts won't leave me condemned
And I'm sorry this hurts you...

But I'm still your baby, your blood, have your eyes, have your smile,
And othing has changed here, I'm still the same
You taught me to love with my heart, I still do
I was given this gift to love from heaven's hands
And I know this is not the life you have planned
But I ask that in time, you'll give me your blessing

Cause I couldn't remain living inside this lie,
Every day that I did more and more of me died
I'm just here to remind you
That I'm still your baby, your blood, have your eyes, have your smile,
I didn't mean to hurt you, I'm sorry you're wounded
But I'm not ashamed of this fire I've inflamed
I was living this life for somebody else,
Now this is my chance to live it for myself
All I ask is in time, you give me your blessing
Give your blessing
Your blessing

About The Trevor Project: Established in 1998 to coincide with the HBO airing of the award winning short film, Trevor, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, The Trevor Helpline is the only nationwide, around-the-clock crisis and suicide prevention helpline for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. The Trevor Helpline is a free and confidential service that offers hope and someone to talk to, 24/7. The Trevor Helpline's trained counselors will listen and understand without judgment. If you or someone you know would like to talk to one of our highly trained counselors, dial 866-4-U-TREVOR.

About The Hetrick-Martin Institute: For thirty years The Hetrick-Martin Institute has put into action our core belief, that all young people - regardless of sexual orientation or identity - deserve a safe and supportive environment in which to thrive. In creating that safe haven, the cycle of neglect, abuse, and violence experienced by many at-risk lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth because of their sexual orientation, stops at our doors. Through a comprehensive package of innovative and creative after-school programs, supportive services, and referrals, Hetrick-Martin, with its experienced professional staff, is a leader in caring for our most vulnerable at-risk youth. The Hetrick-Martin Institute is also the host to the Harvey Milk High School, an inclusive voluntary New York City public high school focusing on the educational needs of children who are in crisis or at risk of physical violence and/or emotional harm in a traditional educational environment.